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Where is Toulou Now?

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Where is Toulou Now?

BONUS: Where is Toulou now?

I am getting great questions about the business—thank you!  I wanted to share where I am now as this journey blog is about what I have learned along the way, but not about where I am in developing Toulou NOW.

I listened to a podcast this morning @christybwright’s #businessboutique episode #71 featuring Stu McLaren.

“Stu is an expert at marketing online products, producing successful launches, and building membership sites”, says Christy. Listening in, I was learning I might be doing something right by sharing my business journey with you all. (And, now I am close to saying y’all because of Christy👍🏻) However, I think what I have been missing is not telling you where I am now unless you catch a few stories and put 2 and 2 together.  The website might be up, you can buy jewelry there, but folks, I am still learning and developing.

The dream is to open a brick and mortar.  To have a full one-stop-shop for your #fashion with handmade bags, unique, trendy clothing and more! That dream was halted earlier this year with a few bumps in the road.  It was disappointing, but probably the best thing that could have happened to make me slow down, launch online first and learn along the way at my own pace. So, please stay tuned to see what’s happening along the way because you know I share all and hopefully come fall/autumn, we will be ready to truly launch this unique boutique!

I have inventory so it’s hard not to dabble in selling it and learn along the way—so, mark down June 21 and join me at @hartvillemarketplace Moonlight Market from 6-10

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